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Pittsburgh's Premier Metropolitan Editorial Catalog

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Welcome to Pittsburgh Avenue West! Our publication is crafted to highlight products, services and businesses packaged in a unique presentation. It's calibrated to showcase and platform the many hidden treasures that exist within Pittsburgh, while also

celebrating those that thrive outside the Pittsburgh Metropolis in Ohio & West Virginia.

Check back weekly for new updates to our website, and remember, Always Look to the West! 

The City of Pittsburgh

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Edition Theme: Outlook.

What are your goals for this year? The success of achieving those goals are largely determined by your outlook. By outlook, we mean your mental perspective or point of view of the future. It must always be positive and constructive. Anything else can be what we call 4D, distracting, darkening, depressing & destructive. So instead of wondering what the year will bring, let's focus on what we are bringing to it. Make it love, hope, and a positive attitude. Be sure to Subscribe to our website for weekly Gifts & Rewards. Thank you for reading PGH AVE WEST and remember, Always Look to the West.

Cecilia Coleman..


Cecilia Coleman, affectionately called CC, has the pedigree most would trade in everything they have for. Read more in this issue..

(Cover: Cecilia Coleman; Photo: Emage)


Custom Clothiers

At Astor & Black each suit is hand cut, then sewn together by their Master Tailors and delivered to you by a Professional Clothier like Clare Fontenot. [email protected]

Promote Your

Business Every Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...when it comes to business, we here at Emage say, Promote your business every day! Learn more at or order the Digital Edition of the Mag.


By Director, Emage Modeling & Talent Agency, LLC

(Photo Model: Sandra, Emage Agency)

Does your business need a boost in 2018? How about a fresh approach? Would you like to add a little edge to how you present your company, product or service in Pittsburgh’s West End?

Have no fear West End, Emage Modeling & Talent Agency, LLC is here! As an established agency with over 17 years of experience working with talent and advertising, we have the expertise to make what you do more visible and competitive.

“Why do I need to market?”, you may ask. If Fortune 500 companies do it, then so should you, if you want to see similar results. Marketing, advertising and promotions are what feeds a business, and helps it to grow.

“Why do I need talent?”, you may also ask. Again, because the companies you watch who spend millions on Super Bowl commercials and print ads, use talent. Why aren’t you?! Well, now you can, and within your budget. Whether you need Models, Music, Photographers, Public Speakers, Chefs, Artists (graphic/visual) and the like, we can help. Best of all, now we are servicing the West End of Pittsburgh, in our signature and friendly way. Call today for a free consultation…we can’t wait to meet you.

Emage has now partnered with PGH AVE WEST, please contact us at [email protected] with your request for talent, or call 412.722.9526.          #emagemodelsrise

(Special Offer – 2 businesses will get a Free Quarter Page Color Ad in PGH AVE WEST with your first booking from Emage) 

*selections made by Magazine, ad content must be approved as non-offensive, or controversial

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*SPECIAL THANKS - Staci Cherry, MJ Gaines, Destinee McFadden, Stephanie Renee Moye'

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